The SenArch solar powered LoRaWAN gateway

SenArch’s solar-powered LoRaWAN gateway offers cost-effective and self-contained IoT connectivity for any off-grid use case. The gateway is powered by solar energy, ensuring low operational costs, quick cable-free installation and uninterrupted connectivity. The rugged hardware platform, designed for the most challenging outdoor conditions, provides stable and robust operation all year round.

Why choose SenArch?

Solar powered

By utilizing the sun as a clean energy source, The SenArch gateway facilitates IoT technology deployments in remote and hard-to-reach locations. The gateway addresses the challenges of wiring and mains power by eliminating the need altogether. No wiring costs and no electricity bills justify the investment in going solar with SenArch.

Modular setup

The SenArch gateway alleviates operational complexity and reducing installation time by offering a flexible, versatile and easy-to-deploy modular solution. All system components are disaggregated, allowing you the freedom to customize each installation to the specific circumstances at each location

Live telemetry

Operational excellence is enabled by the gateway’s unique remote monitoring and management capabilities. You can securely access your gateway directly, get real-time telemetry data, update parameters and install new software. Reduced truck-rolls mean lower operational expenses.


Our vision

SenArch is a pioneering Danish tech company at the forefront of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) revolution. Founded in 2023, we are driven by a singular vision: 

To provide innovative, sustainable and reliable IoT network equipment that is powered by our Sun. 

Sustainable infrastructure and the development of smart societies are critical to a sustainable future. The full potential of the SenArch solution shall be determined and realized by the people who use it and the applications they use it in. Enabling connectivity in rural, remote and difficult to reach locations will bring meaningful and positive change and help to ensure health and safety for populations. 

Our commitment to delivering real-world solutions to real-world problems is reflected in our motto, “We Bridge the Connectivity Gap.”

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