Managing commercial properties has become increasingly challenging, between the conflicting needs of owners to keep costs down and renters wanting a safe and comfortable experience. In addition there are the escalating costs across all input areas, from energy to insurance.

Many buildings already use building management systems (BMS), which are most often hardwired systems installed during construction that automate building management with limited functions. LoRaWAN is a low-power, long range networking technology that complements BMS by providing critical information on building health and tenant usage, making it easy and cost effective to add-on IoT functionality in buildings without connecting into current BSM or IT infrastructures.

Key benefits of using SenArch

  • Off-grid wireless sensor connectivity anywhere.
  • Faster and easier installation due to no cabling.
  • Deployment flexibility due to the system modularity.
  • Remote device management reduces operational complexity.
  • Going Solar means lower costs and greener operation.

    Smart buildings

    LoRaWAN-connected devices can be used to monitor and manage power, heat, cooling, gas, water, air quality and lighting-related energy consumption more efficiently – and provide real-time data on leaks, energy usage, occupancy patterns, security and environmental conditions. Additionally, LoRaWAN is an open standard backed by a large ecosystem of vendors, giving building managers a wide variety of solutions that can be tailored to meet their specific needs. It also means that building managers do not need to worry about being “locked-in” to a single source vendor, ensuring flexibility over the building’s lifetime.

    By implementing LoRaWAN, managers have real time access to data, which offers insight they need to optimize conditions, prevent catastrophic damage and better utilize space and maintenance resources. Real-time access to data enables buildings to be truly smart. Using technologies like LoRaWAN that are fit for-purpose – meaning they meet the unique networking challenges of buildings – and are open standards allow building managers and owners to save costs and improve the experience of building occupants.

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