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    Solar powered - modular - live telemetry

    The SenArch LoRaWAN Gateway is an extremely low-power, self-sustainable, compact and modular gateway. This allows for easy and quick deployment in any off-grid location where IoT connectivity is needed. 

    The benefits are data from LoRaWAN sensors in hard-to-reach areas at significantly lower deployment complexity and reduced costs by up to 75%.

    The package consists of a solar panel that charges the battery via a built-in solar charge controller, providing enough power to make the product operational all year round in most environmental conditions.

    The device can relay data back via either Cellular, Wi-Fi or Satcom technologies. External LoRa and cellular antenna units are supported for optimal coverage.

    An optional LEO satellite modem is also available for backhauling data in very remote areas.

    The gateway can be remotely monitored and managed via SenArch’s device management solution, providing contiguous real-time telemetry data and over-the-air configuration and software updates.

    Key features:
    • Efficient power management
    • Remote monitoring and management
    • Integration with 3rd party network servers
    • Flexible mounting on pole, tower, roof or wall
    • -30° to +65° Celsius operating temperature
    • GPS with internal antenna

    Download datasheet


      Electronics box

      The enclosure is designed for harsh outdoor installation and protects the electronics from outside exposure. The enclosure is double insulated and has double walled base corners as well as integrated rain canopy. The material is polycarbonate, which makes it highly resistant to UV radiation. Ingress protection rating is IP67. Impact protection rating is IK 09. A Gore™ membrane vent allows free air passage and pressure equalization.
      Dimensions: 320*220*150 mm.

      Solar panel

      The size and capacity of the solar panel depends on the average number of sunny days in your area. In the northern hemisphere SenArch will provide an 80W or 100W solar panel. For warmer climates a 50W solar panel will provide plenty of power for the gateway. Please contact us to find out what solar panel is right for you.

      LoRa antenna

      The high-gain LoRa antenna is made from copper and fiberglass. The radiating dipoles sum up all radiation intensities for providing higher performance and gain. The antenna is ideal for use with the SenArch solar-powered LoRaWAN gateway. It has a Type N termination and comes with a 3 meter cable and lightning arrester. The antenna is vertically pole mounted and is hardened for outdoor conditions and IP67 rated.


      Cold weather reduces the performance of batteries, and this is especially the case with Lithium batteries. Depending on your location, SenArch will help to specify the optimal battery package for your gateway system. AGM batteries are typically used in areas where ambient temperatures go below 0°C / 32°F. Lithium batteries can easily be used in warmer climates. Please contact us to find out what battery is right for you.

      Easy to deploy modular installation

      SenArch can be mounted directly on the ground, on a rooftop, vertically on a wall or in a telecommunications tower.

      Ground mount

      Using normal U-brackets the solar panel, the gateway enclosure and the LoRa and LTE antennas easily fit on aluminum or galvanized tube. The tube can be anchored in the ground, secured to a pedestal or fastened with brackets on a flat roof. Alternatively, SenArch offers an optional Tripod mount for in-the-field installations or temporary setups.

      Roof mount

      Due to the modularity, it is possible to disaggregate the solar panel, gateway enclosure, antenna and battery and place each system component where it makes most sense. In this case, the optimal location for the solar panel is on the roof, the antenna up top, the battery and gateway enclosure below and preferably inside the building.

      Tower mount

      If available a tower is an optimal platform to mount the SenArch gateway on. Depending on the local circumstances, the optimal solution would be to install the solar panel, in a spot where it can generate the most power, without being in the way of other equipment. The antenna goes as high as possible and the battery and gateway enclosure down below where it can be easily be serviced. 


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