Welcome to SenArch’s solutions, where connectivity meets sustainability. Explore the transformative potential of LoRaWAN technology and discover how it revolutionizes connectivity. Our solar-powered and off-grid LoRaWAN gateway ensures seamless connectivity even in remote areas, empowering businesses and communities with reliable data transmission. Experience the future of IoT solutions with SenArch, where sustainability and efficiency converge for a smarter tomorrow.

Smart City

Empowering Smart Cities, SenArch’s solar-powered LoRaWAN gateway ensures efficient connectivity, enabling data-driven decision-making and enhancing urban infrastructure management.

Energy & Utility

SenArch’s solar-powered gateway revolutionizes Smart Energy & Utility, offering off-grid connectivity for remote monitoring and efficient resource management.

Environmental Protection

SenArch’s solar-powered LoRaWAN gateway aids environmental protection and fights climate change by enabling remote monitoring and efficient resource management.

Smart Building

SenArch’s solar-powered LoRaWAN gateway enhances smart building infrastructure by enabling efficient data transmission and remote monitoring for optimized operations.


Revolutionize telecommunications with SenArch’s solar-powered LoRaWAN gateway, ensuring reliable, off-grid connectivity for remote areas, empowering efficient data transmission.

Farming & Agriculture

Transforming farming with SenArch’s solar-powered LoRaWAN gateway, enabling remote monitoring, precision agriculture, and efficient resource management for enhanced productivity.


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