SenArch closes funding round


Lyngby, Denmark — Danish tech startup SenArch ApS proudly announces the successful closing of its initial funding round, led by Cobblestone Property Management owners Rasmus Juul-Nyholm and Finn Träff.

Founded in 2023, SenArch specializes in solar-powered Internet-of-Things solutions, focusing on energy-efficient LoRaWAN-based gateways. This capital infusion will accelerate development, solidifying SenArch’s position as an emerging industry player.

SenArch’s IoT gateway leverages LoRaWAN, a global technology standard in IoT and connects sensors, GPS trackers, and more, operating solely on solar energy, making it a robust off-grid solution even in challenging environments. Its modularity allows flexible system configuration and deployment options, providing cost-effective connectivity in rural and hard-to-reach locations.

SenArch’s mission is to bridge the connectivity gap. Whether the use case is water level monitoring, critical infrastructure management, or asset tracking, SenArch’s off-grid gateway offers a versatile solution. It can be installed outdoors anywhere without no need for grid power or cabling, utilizing solar energy for deployment on the ground, rooftop, wall, or tower.

CEO Paul Martin Schwartz expresses gratitude for the support from investors, highlighting the shared vision. Rasmus Juul-Nyholm cites SenArch’s forward-thinking and potential to unlock the IoT market as key reasons for their investment, expressing excitement about supporting SenArch’s journey.

SenArch is a Danish tech startup at the forefront of IoT innovation. The SenArch solar-powered LoRaWAN gateway can enable connectivity in off-grid scenarios, bringing meaningful change. SenArch bridges the connectivity gap and the full potential of the SenArch solution will be determined and realized by the people who use it.